An autodidactic learning plan

Late last year, I was gifted a subscription to the online education platform, MasterClass. I spent a number of hours during the year-end holiday watching some of the lectures and browsing the workbooks that came with it, and that sparked the learner in me.

I’ve always been one who is hungry for knowledge. The nerd in me seeks it out for its own sake, but I don’t do a very good job of synthesising, organising, and often forget what I have read or watched. I also noticed that I would sometimes find something interesting that I want to learn more about, but then end up getting distracted by the firehose of content coming my way. That interest would then fizzle out before hitting me again in the future, leaving me in regret for not taking action earlier.

So this year, I came up with a plan to take a more deliberate approach to my self directed learning and reading. The idea is to transform myself from a curious nerd to a conscious autodidactic learner.

The plan, loosely

I began by coming up with a list of (too many) fields and disciplines that I wanted to explore. At a glance, these are the fields that I am exploring – Urban Development, Real Estate Investment, Business Management, Computer Science, Fiction Writing, Environmental Science, Islamic Studies, Personal Health, Personal Development, and more!

Yes, the above seems a little bit overboard and I am still trying to tighten the scope of my learning. I am conscious that I am entering some of those topics at a beginner level while I do have some inkling about specific topics within those fields and that has helped me in seeking out the resources for it – on online learning platforms, saved articles, and also my ‘Books to read’ list.

I’ve also tried to come up with a loose schedule to guide me on my journey, creating my own version of a ‘night school’. I know that things will crop up and disrupt the plan but having a tentative schedule will give me something to refer to and nudge me into action.

I’ll share more about this learning in due time and invariably, some of these topics will make it onto the blog as well. If you know anything interesting in these fields, please send it my way!