008 – Away

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↠ Dispatch 008, June 2019 ↞


Dear Internet friend,

It’s a full moon tonight, the marker of time that I said I will write to you. Please accept my apologies for not writing at the last one, for it has been a very demanding time lately which has led me to spend time in physical and mental places that I’ld rather not be in. 

As a way of self-preservation, I’ve been retreating inwards to seek stability from within. To reconnect with my inner core, I’ve completely disconnected from social media, so do not be confused if you are unable to locate me there.

You should know that I am “reorganising the house” so to speak – moving the metaphorical furnitures around my inner world to establish a new norm from which I will re-engage with the outside world again. I honestly do not know when I will have the words to dispatch over to you again, but I do know that being able to send these dispatches to your inbox over the last months have been a great privilege to me. Thank you for reading my words.

Till the next time; whenever that may be. Please always be well, be love, and be you.